New-Zealand About


My name is Thibaut Delaide, I was born the 7 of February 1991 in Belgium.

I just finished my study in 3D computer graphics. I graduated with honors from high school Albert-Jacquard.

Right after my graduation, I decided to travel by myself during 4 months in New-Zealand. It was the best experience of my life so far ! I really like photography, so you can see some of the best pictures I took during my journey in the photography section in my portfolio.

My strengths  are 3D real-time rendering, texturing and 3D printing. I’m very skilled with Cinema 4D and Unity Game Engine, I also often use software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effect.

I did a 4 months internship at Vigo Universal to learn the 3D printing system. I scanned and printed many differents people and objects and I also participed in two 3D printing exhibitions.
Now, I perfectly know how to use a 3D printer like « Makerbot » and how to correctly modelize a 3D object to print it without problems. The best part of my internship was when I had to scan ancient statues from a museum and then « repair » them and finally print them in 3D and colors.

I have 3 great passions other than 3D. It’s reading, paintball and video games. I have my own paintball team because I really like the team spirit whether in the game or the work.

Take your time to visit my website and do not hesitate to use the « contact » field if you have any questions.

If you are interested and would like to see my C.V, would you please ask in a private message.

Thank you & Enjoy !